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With a legacy spanning 25 years, EEB CLEANING SERVICES is a trusted name in simplifying cleanliness and home improvements. Our journey began as a bridge between homeowners and skilled professionals, revolutionizing the way projects were handled across New York State. Today, we offer a diverse range of cleaning services, from Hazmat to Biohazard cleaning, for Homes, Offices, Commercial and Residential buildings, Medical Facilities, and Elderly Homes. Our seasoned professionals, comprehensive directory, and direct communication approach ensure that your environment not only radiates cleanliness but also cultivates productivity. Join us in celebrating 25 years of transforming spaces and lives.

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Professionals Cleaners at Your

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From residential to commercial, no task is too complex for our expert cleaners to handle.

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Our Vision

To be the forefront of simplifying cleanliness and home improvements, empowering individuals to create harmonious and productive environments effortlessly. We envision a world where spaces radiate cleanliness, inspiring happiness and success.

Core Values

Integrity guides every facet of our operation. We are committed to transparency, honesty, and reliability in all our interactions. Excellence drives us forward, as we draw upon 25 years of experience to deliver unparalleled services and solutions. We hold customer-centricity at our core, dedicating ourselves to meeting unique needs and fostering lasting relationships. Collaboration is our cornerstone, uniting professionals and homeowners in a harmonious journey toward shared goals. Finally, innovation fuels our spirit, propelling us to continuously evolve and bring fresh perspectives to the realm of cleanliness and home enhancements.