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Ready to experience the transformative power of EEB CLEANING SERVICES? Contact us today to elevate your environment and embrace a cleaner, more productive life. Whether you're seeking expert cleaning for your home, office, commercial establishment, or medical facility, our dedicated professionals are here to cater to your needs. Feel free to explore our comprehensive directory, review profiles, and directly connect with professionals to discuss your requirements and receive personalized quotes. Join us in celebrating 25 years of excellence in simplifying cleanliness and home improvements.

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Frequently Asked Question

When you are on the EEB Cleaning Services home page you will see the hero section. There is a piece of information needed from your side, you have to fill out all the information and click on search then you got a list of trusted professional service providers related to your issues. One by one you can find their specialties of services, reviews, and contact information.

Our network includes professional services providers in more than 100 home-related services, from house cleaning to remodeling, plus a grow ing directory of local services.

Once you got a list of required professionals related to your project after checking feedback on their profiles then as a customer you have to bid on multiple service providers so that you can get reliable cost estimates according to your project.

Your feedback is vital to the quality of service to our member service providers. As with any credible grievance process, we first evaluate both sides of the story before making a final decision. Often, an unpleasant experience is the result of a simple misunderstanding between the two parties. However, if there is a negative trend against the service professional, we reserve the right to remove the service professional from our network.

Our member service professionals cover New York State. Our Web site also covers the entire New York State with a directory of screened and approved service professionals.

As a user or visitor of EEB Cleaning Services You are not charged for this service because Service Providers pay listing fees to participate in EEB Cleaning Services network. Professionals specify the type of work they do and the geography they serve. These fees do not affect your estimates of projects.

Ratings & Reviews are perhaps the most important service we offer to our users. They help us keep track of the quality of service provided by our member service providers. For all requests you place with trusthomeservicer, you'll be asked to submit Ratings & Reviews for the service professionals you are presented with. When you do, you not only help other consumers make the right choice, but you also contribute to the overall quality of service we offer.

When you're ready. Because it's hard for us to know exactly when your job is done, we may ask you to submit your Ratings & Reviews before you're ready. Once your job is complete, you can always visit the EEB Cleaning Services website to close your job and complete your Ratings & Reviews at that time.

Your trust is one of our highest priorities, and we apologize for any incidents. You can contact professionals if they are not responding to you at that moment. You can email us at We may request that you submit a formal claim request, including photographs and proof of ownership. Please note, we request that any damaged or missing item claimed to be reported within 72 hours of the service's completion.